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  • Download and register.
  • Add a currency you need or would like to sell.
  • Find someone with whom you can exchange your money nearby.
  • Rate your partner to make the community more reliable every day.

Why is it safe?

  • Only real person can register (Facebook, LinkedIn – minimum 50 friends / connections required).
  • Unreliable people are automatically banned from the community.
  • Your current position and exchange amount will remain secret.
  • Keep in mind: always meet at a busy place (restaurant, coffee shop, supermarket, airport etc.).

Fuger stories

Summer holiday

I’ll travel to Croatia for my summer holiday this weekend.

Jason just arrived to Budapest. After his Balkan tour, he would like to sell his Kuna for Forint. Luckily I got some leftover change, which might be very useful at the patrol stations on the road.

I think we could have a great deal.

Emma’s adventures in Budapest

Emma just got off the train in Budapest, she needs Forint to buy some food. At Keleti pályaudvar she’s changing some money, 10 Euros for 2500 Forints.

She stays at Dohány utca for 3 nights. A yellow cab takes her there for 5000 Forints. Unfortunately she doesn’t have enough cash, so she must pay in Euro. The driver asks for 20.

Emma will only use Fuger for currency exchange from now, because it’s reliable and secure.

Flying to Varso

I’ll land at Varso in 3 hours. I hope I can buy Zloty not too expensive.

Jakub comes to Budapest at the Sziget Fesztivál, he needs Forint.

Maybe I can catch him at the airport.

Good Morning Vietnam!

I just came home from Vietnam 2 months ago.

It’s an amazing place, however I still have some Vietnamese Dong, which is useless in my country and I can’t even exchange it.

Until now! Peter is traveling to Hanoi early next week. It will be very convenient for him to have some local cash in his pocket when he arrives.

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